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Awesome Video of Fighting Ninjas; No More, No Less


To show off the capabilities of their OMCOPTER--a small helicopter drone designed to carry the RED Epic HD camera (it is a very good camera!)--omstudios put together this five-minute video of some ninjas fighting each other. It's hard to deny how impressive the camera smoothly flows in and out of the action, even up the side of a building, but I have to say, I'm a little disappointed these guys seem to have stolen what I thought to be an original idea. Everyone knows that in 1989, I clearly said, "I'm gonna make like this awesome movie where it's all these really cool shots up buildings and stuff and it's just these sweet ninjas fighting each other," and then I acted it out until the end of recess.

Well, if I'm ever in the market for a camera-holding robot helicopter, I know just the guys I'm going to. And then I would make THE BEST cat video.


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