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'The Wire' Wind-Up Toys, Hopefully Coming Soon to Baltimore Wendy's Kids' Meals


With The Wire, creator David Simon introduced us to a broad cast of characters occupying a variety of socio-economic positions and negotiating an at-times grey area of moral, ethical, political, and legal compromise. And now, thanks to a Flickr user going by "mister frothee" (via!), one can make those characters do a funny little waddle across your desk, because they've been made into little wind-up toys. They are, unfortunately, not for purchase, and so we will never be able to waste workplace time recreating Bunk and McNulty's famous "fuck" scene with adorably-stout effigies. But still, they're pretty great. From this moment forward, my desk has a palpable emptiness where there should be a plastic crackhead.

Frothee has also made some Deadwood and Mad Men bobbleheads, which you can see below the jump.



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