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'Osombie' Trailer: Fine, Let's Revive Bin Laden as a Low-Budget Zombie


"We and a few others are the only thing standing between the people of Afghanistan and a zombie apocalypse," says some guy with an unplaceable accent who looks sort of like Colin Farrell in this trailer for Osombie. Yes, it would seem Osombie is about more than the easy casting of a notoriously evil character as a zombie; even bigger than the lazy portmanteau of "Osama" and "zombie." THIS IS ABOUT SAVING A CULTURE, from those things. This is basically journalism:

The true mindless zombies ruining Afghanistan are the U.S. drones bombing it, you know? "World peace." - Madonna's Super Bowl lights.

(Thanks to: Collin Dehnert, who sent this in a couple days ago, but I forgot. I am sorry.)

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