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New 'Avengers' Trailer Reveals More Footage, More Wrecked Cars, 'Inception' Blares, Some Kind of Transformer?


Michael Bay is sure going to have a big CGI write-off on his tax return this year. After charitably donating numerous chain-like chrome things, vaguely robotic dins, and destroyed skyscrapers to Battleship, it seems he may have saved his largest philanthropical gift yet for The Avengers. Man oh man, wait until you see the size of this big, droning, metal spinal column ripping up a glass-faced building.

Shoot it with your gun, Scarlett Johansson! And did you catch the shot of Loki in his Earthly street clothes? It looked like if Richard E. Grant worked at Hogwarts.

Ridiculous Transformerbots and Loki scarves aside, though, this doesn't look all bad for how poorly so many ingredients could have mixed. As is the wont of the Marvel franchise, the whole thing is a bit too brightly-polished when held out in the blinding light of near-cloudless sky, and I could see the heavily-stressed competing egos thing getting old pretty quick--I kept waiting for the requisite "I will not work with him!", jump-cut to those two begrudgingly side-by-side, cue laugh track--but all the new footage from the big, city-destroying climactic set piece looks like at least a good ten minutes of large-scale "superheroes being superheroes" payoff. Beyond that, I don't know what kind of lofty expectations one might have for this movie. Besides a handjob sequence with Black Widow. That was what she was implying as her recruitment method, right?

Note: this trailer bears the title Avengers Assemble, but the domestic title remains the same. That's just for the UK, where they're more likely to confuse "Avengers" for the guy with the bowler hat.

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