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'Cherry' Trailer: Heather Graham Returns to Porn, and, as Always, James Franco Shows Up


The Bang Bus makes the porn industry seem so simple. Drive around in a bus, pick up a girl, bang that girl, record banging, and continue off in your bus, satisfied in a day's work. But no, as it turns out, girls often won't just up and agree to be recorded having sex with any strangers who pull up in a filthy van. The girls have to be recruited beforehand, asked to be banged, and financially covered for their bang time. And it isn't just the sexual transportation industry that works as such; pretty much all your porn is set up this way. As is Cash Cab.

Cherry takes look at how a girl--SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER (specifically, Lili Taylor's daughter)--can fall into this sordid industry, casting Ashley Hinshaw as a Long Beach transplant making her way in San Francisco by reaching an uneasy but determined fist further and further into the depths of the fetish video trade. Heather Graham, finally returning to porn after unsuccessfully trying to clean up her act after Boogie Nights, plays a director who, in this trailer, seems to take a slightly unnatural interest in her new protégé. James Franco also shows up, just to once again remind us all, verbally, "I exist." We know, James Franco. You exist, and you are James Franco. You can stop now.

Oh, yeah, Slumdog Millionaire is there, too. This is what being in The Last Airbender has done to him.

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