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You're Going To Have To Wait a Little Longer for Further Adventures of Sam Avatar, and More...


- Though Avatar 2 was once promised as a December 2014 release, a means to ring in the new year with Sam Worthington's blue whatever thing, producer Jon Landau now says the first sequel is "four years away." Nice job ruining Christmas, James Cameron.

- Disney has hired X2 and Superman Returns co-writer Dan Harris
to work on their script for Hovercar
. I'll tell you, if this movie is about what I think it's about, IT'S ABOUT G.D. TIME.

- Isabelle Fuhrman is in talks to join Will Smith and Smaller Will Smith in After Earth, the upcoming sci-fi film from M. Night Shyamalan. Fuhrman is expecting a career boost from her part in the soon-to-be-released Hunger Games, but this Shyamalan part should put her back in her place alongside whoever those kids from The Last Airbender were.

- For those who have forgotten what Finding Nemo looks like, Disney-Pixar has released a new trailer for their 3D re-release of the modern classic. "sea it like never before," they beg, seemingly oblivious to just how close to the edge we are:

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