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Universal Figures They'll Make 'Bridesmaids 2' Without Kristen Wiig


The breakout success of Bridesmaids--which has grossed $288 million worldwide, earned multiple Golden Globe nominations, and established an expectation that the overweight bridal party member will be the raunchy one--obviously has Universal Pictures eager to get started on a sequel to the comedy hit. Unfortunately for them, Kristen Wiig isn't so keen on the idea, and has vocally said as much, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "[co-writer] Annie and I aren't planning a sequel. We are writing something else." Lucky for the studio, though, Kristen Wiig can't stop them from going ahead and making Bridesmaids 2 without her, so that's what they're looking at doing.

According to THR, studio reps have said they're "talking to filmmakers now about concepts, and if the right one emerges, [they'll] move forward" without the writer and star, because that will teach her to make them a ton of money and then not make them a bunch more.

The decision is obviously pretty awful, but not entirely out-of-character for Universal, who last year put into development another Bourne sequel that will not in any way involve Jason Bourne. It all seems to be part of a larger plan for the studio to establish itself as the shitty dollar store of Hollywood, offering inferior products in seemingly name-brand packaging we've come to trust. Just a word of warning, though, Universal: a man will only mistakenly buy Energiver brand AAAs so many times before you've burnt him with battery acid once too often.

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