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New 'Terminator' Will Have R-Rating, Is Still Getting Made, Apparently


Megan Ellison--the rich kid who's been awesomely using her dad's Oracle fortune to fund films by Charlie Kaufman, Paul Thomas Anderson, and the Coens--last May emerged as the future's savior for the Terminator franchise, outbidding Lionsgate to win the rights to Schwarzenegger as a robot skeleton. We all cheered that Arnold's crouched, nude form was in cradled in such seemingly-competent hands, but since then, there hasn't really been any movement on the project--a fact that reportedly has attached director Justin Lin worried the project could interfere with his duties recording Vin Diesel driving cars.

Well, earlier this week, Ellison at last spoke up about the project, and while there's still no clear indication of how the film will explain why a learning computer now looks 65 and publicly disgraced, one thing is certain: the film will be rated R.

Responding to a tweet from the internet's legion Terminator fans at, Ellison said:

We can't really tell you guys anything about Terminator BUT it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.

So, good news is, Terminator will be able to tear a dude's head off. Bad news is, now Chuck Norris can't be a T-1000.


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