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Time To Remake and Update 'American Psycho' with Occupy Wall Street Stuff and Some New Music


A studio cannot subsist on Saw sequels and Tyler Perry's alone, no matter how hard they might try, Lionsgate has decided they'd better go ahead with a remake of Mary Harron's cult classic, American Psycho.

The project is to be written and directed by Noble Jones, a second unit director on The Social Network who previously shot music videos for Mary J. Blige and Taylor Swift--whose music he may very well thoroughly analyze through his American Psycho protagonist's monologues. See, while the Christian Bale-starring 2000 original (like the Bret Easton Ellis novel) placed Manhattan investment banker/serial killer Patrick Bateman in the 1980s--making the film as much a dark satire of Wall Street boom yuppy culture as it was a violent thriller--the plan for this new version is to set it in the present day, taking into account the obvious changes on Wall Street and advances in business card fabrication. Now Bateman will abruptly cut off conversations because he has to return some Netflix envelopes, presumably.

The remake will also apparently be even cheaper than its $7 million predecessor, as it's being pitched as a "microbudget," which would seem to imply production values along the lines of the usual films dubbed as "microbudget": $2 million horror movies involving security cameras. So if nothing else, it should at least be interesting to see how the gruesome axe murders play when they're only implied by a swinging chandelier and a knocked-over tripod.

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