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'Men in Black 3' Trailer: Yep, That's Your Classic Men in Black


Men in Black 3's production was reportedly plagued by long shooting delays, repeated script problems, and the difficulties of parking Will Smith's wacky, novelty-sized trailer, but you won't see any of those issues making it to the screen in the sequel's first trailer. Rather, this two-minute teaser adheres as rigidly to the MiB formula as a hypothetical pilot for the CW's Men in Black: The Series (note: this will probably not remain hypothetical for long). The Letter Men put on their sunglasses! They hold up their silver accessories! Aliens possess increasingly quirky traits! Remember those things? They're back! It's only at the trailer's conclusion that the sequel reveals the added conceit that separates it from its predecessors: now there's also time travel. Because, as the Star Trek films have shown us, even a limitless universe of alien storyline options only carries you through so many films before you've got to start going back in time to save Tommy Lee Jones/Spock/whales/whatever, right?

  • March 5, 2012
    Looking back at this time last year, production on Men in Black 3 was making news for lengthy delays reportedly caused by substantial script problems. Catch Me If You Can writer Jeff Nathanson was brought in to overhaul the troubled screenplay, and less than a month later it wa... / Continue →
  • May 2, 2012
    He sure does! Hear and see that inevitability in the first clip from Men in Black 3 below. (You also get to Smith ride the futuristic bike thing that so mildly delighted him on the poster.)... / Continue →
  • March 22, 2012
    Our "walk wit' me [Will Smith]" has ended. Despite Smith's effectiveness at lending Big Willie Style to the original Men in Black theme, he will not be the one supplying Men in Black 3 with its signature theme. Pitbull will do that now, because director Barry Sonnenfeld's teena... / Continue →
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