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'Breaking Bad' & 'The Simpsons' Combine To Reveal Ned Flanders' Heisenberg


Flanders is Walter White, Bart is Jesse, Lionel Hutz is Saul Goodman, and hillbillies Cletus and Brandine are the meth heads with the stolen ATM machine in Breaking Bart, a mash-up that works better than it should, transposing Breaking Bad dialogue over scenes from The Simpsons. If you're caught up on the first few seasons of the AMC series, take a look below. Otherwise, risk a pretty big spoiler if you're able to discern what's happening with Jane's grostesque surrogate.

Samuel Kim deserves the credit for this masterpiece, and the blame if he doesn't make a sequel showing the shady, behind-the-scenes world of Springfield's Los Pollos Hermanos: Krusty Burger.


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