Oh, a Woody Woodpecker Movie Now


Driven by mankind's innate desire to see old cartoon characters brought into the real world through CGI and celebrity voices, Illumination Entertainment is developing a feature film based around animated, troublemaking, avian instigator Woody Woodpecker. Though no specific direction has been charted for the film, Blades of Glory co-writers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky are said to be working on a story to "modernize" the character--so no more World War II propaganda, Woody. Judging by other recent, similar projects, it's also a pretty safe bet that the story will somehow involve a computer-generated Woody ruining the life of a frustrated, C-list male star who's just happy to be off a sitcom stage.

Illumination parent company Universal has owned the rights to the character and library of shorts since 1985, and has been quietly sitting on them, denying us a Woody Woodpecker movie for the last quarter century. Only now has technology caught up to their vision of PeckYourself.com being able to add a cartoon beak to your face in realtime.



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