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New 'Toy Story' Short Includes Parody of McDonald's Definitive Best Toy Line


As noted Friday, Pixar's new Toy Story short, titled Small Fry, involves the hidden tragedy of our forgotten Happy Meal ephemera. In this first clip from the film--set to debut before showings of The Muppets--we meet a couple of these lost toys, including a Jane Lynch-voiced mermaid and a transforming T-bone clearly based on The Best Toys McDonald's Ever Produced: 1987's Changeables. Those guys at Pixar always know just the way to our hearts, and in this case, that way is by misplaced nostalgia for toys meant to breed enduring fondness for terrible food.

This short had better end with masses 20-to-35-year-olds heading to eBay to re-buy all their old Happy Meal crap, because that's sure what's about to happen right now.


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