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'Dark Knight Rises' NYC Shoot Became a Real Kissing Party, and More...


- The Dark Knight Rises shoot in New York City appears to have been a re-shoot of the same scenes shot in Pittsburgh in August--except this time, Batman and Bane probably kissed.

- James Bond's official Twitter account has announced Helen McCrory and Ola Rapace as the newest cast members on Skyfall. Meanwhile, prior James Bond Roger Moore's official Twitter account last posted a trailer for the Hallmark Channel original movie A Princess for Christmas.

- Absolutely Fabulous creator and co-star Jennifer Saunders has revealed plans to write and develop a film version of her television comedy. The story reportedly begins "with Patsy and Edina waking up hungover in the empty drifting yacht of an oligarch in the middle of the ocean," and right after that is when Comedy Central will cut to commercial when they repeatedly air this over the next decade.

- Tree of Life's Jessica Chastain will play Princess Diana in Caught in Flight. The film said to be about the late princess's secret affair, which is an exciting topic if you are the personification an early '90s British tabloid.

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