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Tyler Perry Sticking Kim Kardashian in a Movie


Kim Kardashian, seen above with a Dr. Phil look-a-like during a break from shooting her breakthrough role in Disaster Movie, has signed on to co-star in Tyler Perry's latest film adaptation of one of his plays, The Marriage Counselor. Like sort of a female-centric Hitch that will almost certainly feature an appearance from a man dressed as an old woman, the film centers on "an Ivy League-educated relationship expert" who is great at handing out relationship advice but--whoops!--she's terrible at following it! Going against her "professional code" and also against basic human decency, she cheats on her husband with a suave client, "only to realize she has made a huge mistake," which hopefully means the film devolves into Tyler Perry's Fatal Attraction. Kardashian will be playing Ava, "a co-worker who gives Judith [the marriage counselor] a big city makeover and new confidence as she struggles with her personal issues," thus instilling in Judith a strong pavlovian connection between infidelity and shopping sprees. Hopefully the requisite plug for Kardashian's clothing line at Sears will remain as subtle as the rest of Perry's oeuvre. Hallelujer.

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