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Sylvester Stallone To Be Trapped in Prison of Own Design


What prisons better contain us than the ones we design in our own minds, cells built from fears with bars made of insecurities? Well, how about an ACTUAL fucking prison Sylvester Stallone designed and is now trapped in? Such is the case Sylvester Stallone will argue in The Tomb, a new action thriller being set up by Summit Entertainment and Emmett/Furla Films. According to Variety, Stallone has signed on to join the film as lead Ray Breslin, "the world's foremost authority on structural security -- specifically prisons." When someone frames Breslin for murder, he finds himself convicted and, you guessed it, sent to a prison OF HIS OWN DESIGN. From there, he must figure out who framed him, but that's hard because, "I build this place to be airtight. A housefly can't get in here without a visitor badge," I imagine Stallone will grunt. Though, perhaps there is ONE crazy way for Stallone to break out. It's a longshot, but it's the only shot he's got...

The film was originally setup as an Antoine Fuqua project to star Bruce Willis, and later had the interest of Schwarzenegger, but now that Stallone is firmly attached, Fuqua has already moved on to directing Eminem in Southpaw, leaving The Tomb trapped in a prison of its own not having anyone to direct. Craig Gillespie, you don't have anything going on. How about it?

  • January 12, 2012
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