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Robert Downey Jr. Will Take Care of That Perry Mason Remake


Having firmly asserted his detective skills in Sherlock Holmes (and other films, for that matter), Robert Downey Jr. is ready to see if he can make some real lawyer money on his deductive talents. According to Variety, the actor is teaming with Warner Bros. on a reboot of the Perry Mason franchise, the idea being Downey would play the titular defense attorney, while his charisma would hopefully help out with absolutely no one young knowing who Perry Mason is. As in the Erle Stanley Gardner books, the plan is for Downey's take to still take place in '30s L.A., and still feature all the series' popular characters--even when those characters have names as ridiculous as "Hamilton Burger," because, yes, Mason's idiot courtroom rival is named Ham Burger.

Prior to this incarnation, Perry Mason appeared on television screens as played by Raymond Burr in a series that, like many a televised drama attorney, frequently saw our hero going way beyond typical defense duties to actually solve the crime and prove another party guilty, thus making the cops and district attorneys look like real a-holes. How Mason differs from, say, Matlock, though, is that Mason is now being remade into a feature film, whereas we'll probably have to wait another month or so before Steve Carell signs on to do a young, bumbling take on Andy Griffith.

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