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'Moby Dick in Space' Now a Film Description


It's been three years since we were promised a version of Moby Dick that "isn't your grandfather's 'Moby Dick,'" and while that Timur Bekmambetov-directed effort seems to have been sent to the development Hell that it deserves to be in, a new Melville adaptation has stepped in to bear the mantle of Most Satirical-Sounding Take on Moby Dick That Is Actually Real. Filling the role now is a film Radio 5 Live's Mark Kermode referred to as simply "Moby Dick in space" when asking Ratcatcher and We Need To Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay about the unlikely project. Ramsay herself never used those words, but she did confirm that she is working on a project "more or less inspired by Moby Dick ... and it's science fiction, so we're taking the premise into the realms of the galaxy. It's creating a whole new world, and a new alien--a very psychological piece, mainly taking place in a ship, a bit like Das Boot." But more like Moby Dick, in space. So now we know how we'll round out our triple feature of Count of Monte Cristo in the future and post-apocalyptic Zorro.

Here's the video of Ramsay discussing the project (via). Sorry, it won't be three-dimensional; just your standard 2-D Moby Dick in Space.

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