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Carey Mulligan Likely Joining Coen Brothers Movie and Spike Jonze Movie


Unaware that working with some of the most reliably talented directors around will only encourage my stalking, the lovely Carey Mulligan has entered talks to work with both the Coen Brothers and Spike Jonze on their upcoming feature projects.

For the Coens, Mulligan would be taking the female lead in Inside Llewyn Davis, a film said to look at the '60s folk scene in Greenwich Village. If negotiations work out, she'll join the already-cast Oscar Isaac, who just played Mulligan's shit head husband in Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive. Thus, the stars are again aligned: time to throw another hot dog at a golfer, crazy people.

On Jonze's film, Mulligan would star alongside Joaquin Phoenix in what's been described as "a satire about how world leaders gather to figure out all the seismic events that will take place in the worlds, from oil prices to wars that will be waged." The script was written by the always-genius Charlie Kaufman, so figure on it being brilliant. Also count on Mulligan looking so darling in it that she'll completely justify regularly sifting through her trash in the hopes of gathering enough bleached hair strands to weave a haunting pillowcase. It's like her eyes are ASKING me to, officer.

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