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'Jack and Jill' Poster Far Worse Than That 'Human Centipede' Poster


Adam Sandler's twin sister is also Adam Sandler.

  • September 26, 2011
    Doesn't look like it! 'Jack and Jill' Argentinean Poster [IMPA] ... / Continue →
  • July 5, 2012
    Offering such long-familiar elements as the Emerald City, the Yellow-Brick Road, and a role for James Franco, here's the poster for Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful. The film is said to work as a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, detailing for us the days before the so-called ... / Continue →
  • January 17, 2012
    What if the movies of today were made in an alternate yesteryear, such that Bill Shatner was the star of Avatar, and James Dean was allowed the cruel irony of the lead in Drive? Such is what artist Peter Stults visually imagined with his series Movies from an Alternate Universe... / Continue →
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