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'The Double' Trailer Is the Most Compressed Movie Drinking Game Ever


Alright, guys, ready to play? Here are the rules to The Double trailer drinking game (average game length: two-and-a-half minutes):

- One swig every time Gere pulls out his watch-contained choking wire.

- Two swigs every time someone says the name "Cassius."

- Do a shot every time Richard Gere insists someone is dead.

- Finish your drink when the final act plot twist is seemingly outright revealed.

Now watch, and prepare to be both drunk and furious by the end of this thing.

THE ENTIRE TIME, HE'S BEEN HUNTING HIMSELF!!! Jesus Christ, has there ever been a film more like Donald Kaufman's The Three from Adaptation.--right down to the shattered mirrors to symbolize our protagonist's broken psyche?

But honestly, if they're going to be so forthcoming with this Gere-is-Cassius shit, that can't be the ultimate twist, right? There must be something more. Something... stupider. Is Topher actually Cassius somehow? Is Richard Gere both Cassius AND Topher Grace, and he's in a mental institution run by Dr. Martin Sheen? Is Gere living within a computer program named CASSIUS, programmed by son Topher as a means of rescuing his father's Alzheimer's-addled brain with stock thriller stimuli? Are there, as the title implies, DOUBLE Geres, like his Officer and Gentleman personas have split into separate physical entities? I may lose my mind in anticipation of these answers. Thank god I only have to wait until September 23.

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