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Rosamund Pike Will Kiss T. Cruise, Disney Admits What We Depressingly Already Know, and More...


- Rosamund Pike beat out Hayley Atwell and Alexa Davalos for the dubious distinction of becoming Tom Cruise's love interest in One Shot. It's just going to be hard imagining Cruise with anyone new when we all see so much fiery passion between himself and his actual wife, right?

- Jonah Hill may join Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn as a fellow neighbor of Neighborhood Watch, Akiva Schaffer's comedy about a neighborhood watch group that somehow discovers an alien invasion plot. The issue holding up his talks? He reportedly wants more money. His usual Jonah-by-the-pound weigh-in deal isn't so beneficial these days.

- Dakota Fanning is in talks to play the title role in Effie, the Emma Thompson-written film about the sexless marriage between Euphemia Gray and 1850s critic John Ruskin, who was for some reason disgusted by his younger wife. Finally, we'll have our Victorian-era Married... with Children.

- As if we didn't already know, Walt Disney Animation Studios chief technical officer Andy Hendrickson recently told a crowd, "People say 'It's all about the story. When you're making tentpole films, bullshit." Of his studio's own huge tentpole, Alice in Wonderland, he added, "The story isn't very good, but visual spectacle brought people in droves. And Johnny Depp didn't hurt." This guy is totally just like Warren Beatty in Bulworth--except depressing, because I'm pretty sure he's bragging. (via)

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