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One More Reason To Hate Eddie Murphy


It's been four years since Norbit, three years since Meet Dave, and two years since Imagine That, and Eddie Murphy is long overdue for a refill on the shame fuel that keeps his head car going. Thus Murphy has signed on to lend his voice to Hong Kong Phooey, Alcon Entertainment's live-action-meets-CGI-meets-my-brain's-shrieking remake of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon about an anthropomorphic dog/police station janitor moonlighting as a martial arts-based crimefighter. The original series employed the dearly departed Scatman Crothers' distinctive rasp for the character. Now Hong Kong will have the caricatured voice last heard in Donkey's Caroling Christmas-tacular, which will hopefully provide some familiarity to a bygone character who's otherwise completely foreign to most anyone under the age of 30. But considering that the film will be about a celebrity-voiced talking CGI animal interacting with an exasperated B-list human, expect this to do depressingly well despite all the negative reviews that inevitably incorporate "phooey" into their titles.

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