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Catwoman Suit Reveal Still Only at Around 10%, Estimates Catwoman, and More...


- According to Anne Hathaway, what little we've seen of the Catwoman getup is "like a tenth of what the catsuit is." Well, then I'd sure like to see the other tenth of what it isn't! (Nudity.)

- Vera Farmiga and Mark Strong are attached to star in Closer to the Moon, a period drama about anti-semitism in communist Romania. Fun.

- Matt Dillon will play Annette Bening's crazy boyfriend in the Kristen Wiig comedy Imogene. His character's schtick is pretending to be a CIA agent, like how I do to get Target to return things I've ruined.

- Another Earth's Brit Marling will star alongside Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf in the previously-mentioned The Company You Keep, as it's simply become too jarring to not see LaBeouf in close proximity to either a hot girl or a robot car.

- ABC is turning The Lincoln Lawyer into a primetime drama, even though it would clearly work better as a Saturday morning cartoon (the car would be sentient and make relevant wisecracks).

- Noted hip-hop video director Hype Williams is attached to direct Lust, an erotic thriller from the writer of Showgirls that's being described as "Fatal Attraction in reverse," thus ensuring a new generation of adolescents will have their own film to first masturbate to and, later in life, watch with cruel irony.

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