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Brett Ratner Producing 84th Academy Awards Telecast


Promising the greasiest ceremony in its long history, the 84th annual Academy Awards telecast will this year be produced by last year's director, Don Mischer, and also by X-Men 3 director and greasy Brett Ratner.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak made the announcement today, having first seemingly decided that the next logical direction to take his awards show was towards Brett Ratner movies, and then having met with the director. In addition to the extra sheen Ratner's oily presence will imbue upon the statuettes, Sherak seems to think Ratner will bring other, very un-Ratner like qualities to the table as well, saying in a statement:

He's unbelievably creative and knows how to take risks that are both interesting and inspiring. Together with Don Mischer - who, by the way, just earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the 83rd Academy Awards - I think these two will give us a fantastic Oscar show that you won't want to miss.

But won't it be awkward if this is the year Ratner gets the Special Award for Contributions to the Rush Hour series?

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