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Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro Possibly Re-Teaming for Film Not About Magic Pills


With Limitless director Neil Burger taking that Uncharted adaptation off of David O. Russell's hands, Russell has, in turn, agreed to take care of Burger's Limitless cast for him while he's away in the jungle shooting that. According to Deadline, Russell is in talks with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro to star in an adaptation of The Silver Linings Playbook, based on the novel by Matthew Quick. Jennifer Lawrence is already signed on for the film, and Mark Wahlberg had been attached to the lead until scheduling conflicts necessitated this Cooper replacement. B. Coops will be playing a former teacher, just released from a mental institution for depression, who tries to win back his ex-wife but ends up involved with his young neighbor (Lawrence). And this time, both Cooper and De Niro are determined not to be upstaged by the sheer elegance of a prominently-placed decorative bowl. Not again.

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