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Austin Powers May Deliver Catchphrases Again


Giving the Halloween USA chain their first hope in a decade of clearing out all that leftover "Groovy Swinger Spy" costume stock, a fourth chapter of the Austin Powers series is now reportedly getting close enough that, if you close your eyes, you can hear the phantom "yeah, baby" screams already.

Exactly how close that is, however, is up for debate. According to HitFix, that is super fucking close, as that outlet is reporting that Myers has officially signed on to again spew catchphrases and '60s references in a fourth Austin Powers film. More recently, though, Deadline has disputed that claim. They say nothing yet has been signed, and all this talking and painful reflection on The Love Guru is simply the result of Myers' reps showing some belated, possibly-meaningless interest in a Powers offer New Line made six months ago--a follow-up to a deal they thought they already had going three years ago.

Could this sudden interest mean Myers is finally willing to take a pay cut and step out from behind the wall of Shrek he's largely been hiding behind for the last few years? Or is it simply that it's only now that he's finally come up with the perfect excuse for Austin Powers to inexplicably be forced to go hilariously incognito in a Lady Gaga costume? More as this develops.

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