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Johnny Depp Wants To Play Kolchak and Paul Revere


Well, I guess things are going well over at the Dark Shadows set, because Johnny Depp is now confident that he should be in even more '70s supernatural TV series-turned-feature-films (this is now a genre). While Depp is currently working with Tim Burton on bringing the aforementioned '70s vampire soap opera to screens, now he reportedly wants to star in an adaptation of the 1970s show Kolchak: The Night Stalker, too. The original series spawned from a duo of successful TV movies, and starred Darren McGavin as a detective specializing in the paranormal, with Christmas Story dad investigating into cases involving things like vampires, werewolves, and cavemen unthawed back to life in modern day. Doesn't that sound just swell for a movie culture currently obsessed with classic monster archetypes and Encino Man? Disney thought so, too, so it's already going out to writers.

Also on John Depp's docket: a new telling of the legendary ride of Paul Revere. Apparently inspired by Sarah Palin's fictionalized take on the story (gotcha, Palin!), Depp and his Infinitum Nihil film banner have already set a Revere film up at Disney, too, and have Lee and Janet Batchler working on a script. It seems Paul W.S. Anderson was not the only one impressed by that pair's work on the Batman Forever script.

In the end, though, considering both projects are set up at Disney, none of this probably matters. They'll more than likely just take their Depp idol in hand, utter the incantation, and command him to put his Johnny Depp Pirate costume back on for a couple more of those things. Shame that.

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