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'Drive' Trailer: Ryan Gosling Is the Best Driver, and He's Got a Hammer


A Drive that's better than The Cars' Drive? Yes, impossible, I know, but Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive looks like it comes pret-ty close. Reverting back from ab-flashing, rom-com Ryan Gosling to classic, indie Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling plays the kind of stoic bad-ass usually reserved for video games--a stunt driver by day, for-hire getaway driver by night who, in a Playing God-like twist, ends up using his skills for a crime boss. And, in what's probably the most unlikely-but-great neurotic-Jewish-comedian-playing-a-kingpin casting since Scorsese had Larry David throwing cash at his underlings, Albert Brooks plays that crime boss. In another bit of inspired casting, Christina Hendricks' boobs are in this. Carey Mulligan, meanwhile, plays our hero's damsel in distress, a neighbor who's dating a recently-incarcerated a-hole who is no Ryan Gosling, that's for sure. It may sound a bit corny in writing, but it plays, and it speaks well for that Refn/Gosling Logan's Run remake that once seemed so dubious. Have a look.

  • April 4, 2013
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