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'Dream House' Poster and Trailer: Zach Braff's Ghost Girls!


In Dream House, Daniel Craig plays a father of two and husband of Rachel Weisz who, through some loitering goths, comes to learn some disturbing news about his new home: a mother and two children were murdered in there, and the killer is still on the loose! Why didn't his RE/MAX agent didn't bother to tell him about that? Anyway, Danny starts poking around a bit--asking local cops, talking to Naomi Watts, stopping by the mental hospital where the dead family's surviving father was institutionalized, etc.--and, wouldn't you know it, it turns out HE'S the surviving father of that murdered family, and he probably killed his wife and kids and has just been hallucinating being married to Rachel Weisz. Of all the luck! Oh, but when you've got a taut script from the writer of Working Tra$h and the 1996 Whoopi Goldberg comedy Eddie, you know that won't be the final twist of this labyrinthine story. Here's the trailer:

Never has a trailer given me such confidence that a film's shocking, climactic reveal will leave me frustrated and dissatisfied.

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