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Luke Evans, Sherlock Join 'Hobbit' as Bard, Smaug


Filling in some crucial Hobbit casting that's been keeping the high fantasy community up all night, Peter Jackson has officially filled the parts of Bard and Smaug in his Tolkien adaptation. Welsh actor Luke Evans, whose apparent god-like appearance got him the role of Apollo in Clash of the Titans and Zeus in the upcoming Immortals, has signed on to play Bard, a grim-faced archer said to be "somewhat reminiscent of the action-hero exploits of Viggo Mortensen's Aragorn." So dibs on being him when we play Hobbit.

The pompously-monikered Benedict Cumberbatch, meanwhile, will be reuniting with Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman to provide the voice and motion-capture performance of Bard's nemesis, the dragon Smaug. Sorry, Sean Connery. Cumberbatch was already signed on to lend his voice to Necromancer, but he's going to go ahead and do this, too. After all, he's got a hell of a voice (as someone in Deadline's comments points out, it has its own Facebook page), and truth be told, he probably prefers to do his work off-screen, lest anyone stare at his face long enough to recognize that he is clearly a crudely-disguised alien. Sorry, ladies-who-love-Benedict Cumberbatch, but this guy belongs on the dust jacket of Whitley Strieber's Communion.

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