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'Killer Elite' Poster Just Loaded with Toughguy Scowls, and More...


- Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston--who already has a big part in that vexing Total Recall remake--will be joining John Goodman, Alan Arkin, and Ben Affleck in Ben Affleck's Argo, a film about the government's use of a fake sci-fi film to U.S. diplomats held hostage in Tehran. How far Seinfeld's Tim Whatley has come.

- Steve Carell is being looked at to star in FBI Wedding, a high concept comedy said to be something in between Stakeout and My Best Friend's Wedding. So I guess Steve Carell will be in love with his best friend, and will also be a cop with a mustache.

- Phil Clayton, best known as director of Lesbian Vampire Killers, has been hired to direct Miserable Excuse for a Hero, an adaptation of Bob Powers' novel about a guy forced to save a girl he barely knows when kidnappers confuse her for his girlfriend. Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Cera: you guys can sort out who will star in this one.

- Warner Bros. would like to get an adaptation of Glen David Gold's Carter Beats the Devil going with Johnny Depp in the lead. The plot involves the titular '20s magician being accused of killing Warren G. Harding, sending him on the lam. Which gets me thinking: why don't we falsely accuse of Criss Angel of something?

- And here's the full Killer Elite poster. SCOWL HARDER, JASON STATHAM. Your life may depend on it.


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