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'Footloose' Trailer Warns: Don't Dance and Drive


When city coolguy Ren McCormack moves to the small Tennessee town of Bomont, he's shocked to learn that the city had banned dancing. Their reasoning? Last time some kids gathered together to recreate scenes from the Step Up series, they ended up getting in a car accident! And while some would attribute that mishap to all the empty Coors Light cans strewn around the dancing grounds, the Reverend Dennis Quaid saw fit to blame the art of Channing Tatum, and convinced the council to ban all public displays of rhythmic movement. What's a dance-loving city boy to do!? Recreate the plot of 1984's Footloose is what he's to do:

This being an MTV production, I guess we should just be grateful the film doesn't seem overly concerned with Footloose's abs. It probably will be, though.

  • June 21, 2011
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