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Eva Mendes, Greta Gerwig Added to 'Place Beyond the Pines'


While The Place Beyond the Pines's cast of Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling already won the film the approval of The Association of Piercing Blue Eyes That Could Steal Your Girlfriend, others still asked more of the film--female characters, maybe--and director Derek Cianfrance has complied, now adding Eva Mendes and Greta Gerwig to his cast. Gerwig will play wife to Cooper's cop-turned-politician, while Mendes has the part of love interest and babymama to Gosling, who plays a motorcyclist who turns bank robber to support his infant son. This will truly be a merger of motorcycling, theft themes, babes, and probably-shirtless dudes to rival the Alicia Silverstone-starring music videos of Aerosmith.

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