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Damon Lindelof Getting a Lot of Money To Help Disney Make Family Sci-Fi Film


Eager to start a family sci-fi franchise and fine with spending a cool million or two just to get a script going, the Walt Disney Company has made a seven-figure deal with Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof to write and produce for them a big science fiction tentpole. As is Lindelof's wont, pretty much everything regarding the plot is being kept top secret, but Deadline was able to learn one thing: that the working title is 1952. Which could refer to the year in which the film is set, maybe. Or it could mean the sci-fi element has something to do with UFOs supposedly zipping around Washington D.C. in July of that year. Or it could be something else on this huge list of crap that happened in 1952. Or it could just be that these Lost assholes love throwing red herrings out there so that those of you on will go back through all your tapes and try to figure out what this means to Hurley, Sawyer, Matthew Fox, and so on. Regardless, whatever this 1952 is, it's said to have "multiple platform aspirations," so you're probably going to follow @1952movietwitters and buy the Wii U 1952 cartridge if you want to figure out all the FULL STORY. Do you think Damon Lindelof did the math and figured out what year dad was born? Is that it?

  • January 29, 2013
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