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Saoirse Ronan Starring in Adaptation of Some Other Thing Stephenie Meyer Banged Out


Twilight may be the Stephenie Meyer series that gets the bulk of your tattoo focus, but it's apparently not her only brainchild we're going to be seeing represented in theaters. Andrew Niccol has written an adaptation of Meyer's non-vampirey The Host, and Hanna star Saoirse Ronan is now attached to star in the film as the lead(s), the plurality of which we'll get into in a minute here.

See, as Deadline describes it, the book deals with an alien attack in which the invaders are parasitic organisms called "Souls" that attach themselves to the brain--like those terrible things in that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Riker and Picard blow up a guy's head to get all the mind-control alien out. You know, those. A girl named Melanie Stryder is one of the few humans left unpossessed when Wanderer--a Soul considered "something of a legend because of all of the 'hosts' she has attached to on numerous planets" (i.e., the sluttiest Soul)--gets up in her noodle to make her give it up. Once inside, though, Wanderer is so overwhelmed with FEELINGS that it starts reconnecting with Melanie's old life.

Ronan will reportedly be playing both roles, though I'm not even sure what that means. Both girl and little echoey brainvoice? Start looking forward to finding out, because this is probably our next inescapable Thing.

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