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'Pompeii' Will Be Paul W. S. Anderson's Big, Dumb, Volcanic 'Titanic'


In a decision that will likely result in the most romantic explosion-filled Milla Jovovich film to date, erstwhile Resident Evil-maker Paul W. S. Anderson has agreed to direct the big-budget disaster-romance Pompeii for Constantin Film and Summit Entertainment. The script, from Lee and Janet Scott Batchler (the white hot team behind Batman Forever's story), is said to focus on a slave working to gain his freedom and marry his master's daughter, unaware that he's already been sold off and the daughter has been promised away to a Roman senator, pulling the rug right out from under a romantic plan that would have otherwise given the slave a really great "you won't believe how we met!" story. Also complicating things: the villainous Mount Vesuvius, the eruption of which sends our sold-away hero back to Pompeii to save his rich girlfriend and gladiator best friend, neither of whom can themselves escape from the smothering 3-D ash without a slave boy yanking them by the hand and shouting "come on!"

Naturally, the stench of cross-class romance-meets-famous disaster is already drawing comparison to Titanic, marking the second time an Anderson film has been mentioned in the same sentence as a James Cameron classic. Let's see if this time he can do any better than that sentence being, "Alien Vs. Predator sure was a piece of shit compared to Aliens. Or most other films, really."

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