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Lars Von Trier Re-Doing 'Five Obstructions' with Martin Scorsese


Even Danish art-house filmmakers are apparently not immune to the call of the remake, and Lars Von Trier will be teaming up with Martin Scorsese to remake 2003's The Five Obstructions--itself a film about making remakes, thus defining the gravitational singularity of our remake black hole.

In the original documentary, von Trier challenged peer and mentor Jorgen Leth to remake his 1967 short film The Perfect Human five times, each time under a new, strict set of guidelines (like shooting in a Bombay slum, or using only 12-frame edits) issued by the director. With this new take, presumably the same thing would be happening, only now with Scorsese as the one remaking something while von Trier berates him.

It's still unclear, though, which of Scorsese's works would be the one to get five reproductions made. THR suggests early shorts like The Big Shave or What's a Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This? as candidates, but also reminds us of last year's quickly-denied rumor about von Trier remaking Taxi Driver, which could hint at a scene from that classic being revisited. Maybe do it with Larry David this time? Or with the rest of the cast of Little Fockers? I'm sure you'll think of something, Lars.

Here's the trailer for the original, so you can hear Leth complain about how "demonic" he considers von Trier's demands. Danish people problems, right?

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