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'Invisible Sign' Trailer: Jessica Alba Our Hottest Beautiful Mind


Oh boy, what A Cute One this is. Casting against type, An Invisible Sign sees Jessica Alba as a quirky/autistic, reclusive mathematics whiz (as represented by her having pigtails, because thick glasses just felt TOO real) forced out of her shell when she's given a job teaching math at an elementary school, where she meets a handsome young science teacher (Chris Messina) who is somehow able to overlook her eccentricities to see the FHM's 2007 Sexiest Woman in the World underneath. Also starring: math (as represented by floating CGI numbers) and J.K. Simmons, who intermittently appears throughout just to silently grin, like an eerily cheerful specter of Farmers Insurance.

True love is just what Math Jubilee needed to harness her uncontrollable mutant power, apparently.

(from: The Playlist)

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