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'Green Lantern' Eventually Getting Full Trailer, Michael Clarke Duncan's Voice


With less than three months before Green Lantern's June 17th release, Warner Bros. is reportedly finally getting serious about trying to convince some people to see Green Lantern--and while they're at it, they're going to finish casting this thing, too, because it turns out they haven't done that yet either.

Talking again to the LA Times, new Warner headmaster Jeff Robinov attributed the delay in producing a second trailer for the superhero film to being "on a learning curve in getting 3-D materials and marketing materials on the same schedule," and assured us a full-length preview will be belatedly attached to Marvel's May 6th release, Thor.

Also, while getting that trailer together, apparently someone noticed that all the sequences involving Green Lantern ally Kilowog speaking are completely silent, so Warner is going to go ahead and get someone to provide a voice for that guy while they're at it. Latino Review has it from multiple sources that the studio is going the obvious route and casting Michael Clarke Duncan, which will at least save some money on not having to add any reverb in post.

Kilowog (above) is described as "primary trainer of the [Green Lantern] Corps' newest recruits," so in addition to hearing the oft-near-tears voice of MCD overlaid, expect to probably also hear this song playing over a wacky montage involving Reynolds training; trying to fly in a will-projected green balloon; falling when that balloon pops; cut to KiloDuncan shaking his head; and so on.

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