Brendan Fraser Continuing To Make Comedies

Continuing to bank on likability that expired so long ago future archaeologists will likely never find it beneath the dusty layers of Inkheart Blu-rays, Brendan Fraser has signed on to star in Whole Lotta Sole, a new comedy that plans to take full advantage of "sole" (the fish) sounding similar to the word "soul." Fraser will play a fishmonger, on the run from his mobster father-in-law, who ends up in a hostage situation when a young man's attempt to rob his shop "goes terribly -- and humorously [of course!] -- awry." Strangely, Hotel Rwanda writer/director Terry George is directing from his own script, and the film is only budgeted at $5.5 million--which, after paying for Fraser and his contractual extra hair, really doesn't leave a lot left over for a lengthy, bizarrely-elaborate after-the-credits sequence. Shame that; "Soul Man" is just begging to covered by a chorus of CGI dead fish.



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