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Actors Testing To Be NewBourne


Our search for a new Bourne lead who will not be Jason Bourne has at last moved beyond the name every young actor in Hollywood phase and into phase two: testing! According to Deadline, the first round of readings will take place the first week of April, and right now the lineup is Joel Edgerton (The Thing, Dominic Cooper (above, as Awestruck Howard Stark), Garrett Hedlund (new Tron) and Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans). It sounds like they're the frontrunners for this thing, but before they start practicing handing people passports too hard, they should be warned, other actors in the running--like Shia LaBeouf--have been in so many Transformers films that they don't need to test, and the part could still go to them. Probably couldn't hurt to practice a few variations of "it turns out I'm right outside the window!" though.

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