Feb 3 2011Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart Probably in 'Snow White', But Not the Same 'Snow White'


ALL THE RUMORS WERE TRUE. Regarding Snow White casting news, at least. December's tentative mention of Julia Roberts possibly playing the Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh's 3-D The Brothers Grimm: Snow White panned out, and her status has now been upgraded to "negotiating in earnest." Time to real talk, Eat Pray Love.

Meanwhile, on Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart has also been bumped up from the top of the "want" list to actual negotiations, meaning she'll almost surely be running agape in the woods yet again, only this time alongside Huntsman Viggo Mortensen and Evil Queen Charlize Theron.

For those keeping track, these are both different Snow White projects than the one I brought up yesterday. That one is set in 19th century China, to show the rival nation how rich the United States is in Snow White adaptations. So rich, China!

Reader Comments

like a baboons ass.

Have any of these people ever stopped to consider if anybody wants to see a Snow White film, let alone seventeen?


Did no one learn anything from Krestin Stewart in the twilight movies? She kills things when she opens her mouth. She was adequate in Runaways. I am doubtful to her being able to pull off a voice over. Straight to dvd. Wont even watch it for free.

Is this true? but i love both of them whoever 1 of this beautiful ladies will do the snow white.

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