Feb 4 2011'Captain America' Poster: What's Steve Rogers Pouting About This Time?


Answer: That--yick!--it's so dirty out here!

Reader Comments

I had my doubts about this movie, but the more I see, the more I am sure it's going to kick ass!

that split he did to kill someone on the head made a hole in his crotchonal

Why do they always have to be pouting?

I think the trailer should have been him pointing and yelling at a bunch of gruff GIs to crawl faster under some barbed wire.

"Come on, men! We got a war to win!" etc.

Why is everything so fuuuuckin emo

Ah yes the good ol' dark and dreary look...

hiding his boner

It's set in WW2... make some ww2 propaganda posters...

He's mourning the death of Human Torch in the freakin' comic books... and potentially his career if this movie flops!...


I am pretty sure it's just copying one of the most awesome covers ever...
Not in a bad, i personally think it's bad ass..

poster looks cool, movie may be good too. Too bad this 'super hero' has always sucked balls.

Seeing as the poster says "AVENGE" I think it's fair to say he's "pouting" the loss of a certain side-kick best friend. Who he is going to avenge.

Is that the Medal Of Honor game background?

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