Jan 25 2011L@@K!: Spider-Man Doing His Swinging Thing


Looks like all the swinging around in Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot won't be a strictly CGI affair, as Andrew Garfield and a stuntman were spotted dangling from cables and jumping on trucks in the streets of Los Angeles last night. CLASSIC SPIDER-MAN. And there's more under the cut.

spider-man-swing-02.jpg spider-man-swing-03.jpg spider-man-swing-04.jpg


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Looks like it will be great I am sick of all the CGI

That's Cool. I Like that there is no CGI for the web swinging. Its slowly moving up in my book.

No that's more like it.

Steve Ditko's Spiderman FTW!!!

This looks pretty cool! When I first heard about the reboot I was a little "Meh" on the whole thing, as the last three Spider-Man movies just got progressively, exponentially worse culminating in Evil Dancing Emo Peter and Topher Grace as Eddie Brock...wow...the horror of it all is still fresh! I'm willing to give anything a chance once though, just because Spider-Man has been my absolute favorite anything since I was like four years old. I'm excited to have found this, especially so that I'm viewing it on my 52" HD tv instead of my computer monitor using the Logitech Revue with Google TV (I'm a DISH employee and customer) and love this thing...it's brought together two of my favorite things, the Internet and TV! I started by watching DVR'd eps of the animated Spider-Man series and then from there getting online to do some link-diving, and ended up here. Looks pretty cool!

...either this dude actually gets paid to shill for his product on every web forum he visits, or Spambots have finally become self-aware.

Those shots look BUYNABISCO pretty good!

Right on! This is shaping up!

You know, they've already made live-action Spider-Man movies in the past. The problem is that no matter how amazing the photography is, it still looks like a normal man swing on a rope. Without "spider strength" a person is unable to place their body in classic Spider-Man poses (eg- Legs in a "V" with hands below body) while on a rope.

dude of course it's possible. it's a movie. you ever thought about a torso fitting harness? then the actor doesn't actually have to use his strength to lift his entire body, it just looks like he's hanging from his wrists. aerial spidey stunts are totally possible with a live actor.

They may be shooting in L.A. but if the movie takes place there, I will be upset...

"Without "spider strength" a person is unable to place their body in classic Spider-Man poses (eg- Legs in a "V" with hands below body) while on a rope."

Umm... You mean sorta like this guy is doing?


Kids love it

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