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Kevin Smith Done with Studio Distribution -- and Directing, Too, Supposedly


Creating a big stir at Sundance--where things like a movie distribution deals can cause stirs--Kevin Smith surprised crowds last night when he announced he'd be distributing his next film, Red State, himself.

Following a sold-out showing of the genre picture, when an auction for a distribution deal was meant to take place, Smith reportedly stepped up and won the quickly-closed bidding at $20. The portly filmmaker then announced his plans to distribute the film, going a city-to-city screening tour starting March 5 and eventually subverting studios to put the film in theaters in mid-October. The reason? Said Smith, "[I'm] a fat, masturbating stoner. ...It’s too much fucking horseshit. I just want to tell fuckin’ stories." Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

Also of note: the Westboro Baptist Church crazies that showed up to protest--they hate Red State nearly as much as they hate those rotten gays!--only to be met and drowned out by Smith's legion of fake protesters. And: Smith's claim that Hit Somebody, his long-planned hockey movie, will be the filmmaker's last directorial effort. Just like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was the last of the View Askewniverse, until Clerks 2 showed up? Probably.

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