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John Travolta Probably John Gotti


Despite Earth unanimously agreeing that any time would be just fine for John Travolta to stop acting again, he's decided to keep at it, and is reportedly in "serious talks" to play mob boss John Gotti in Gotti. Though, it should probably be noted that the "serious talks" statement comes from Fiore Films CEO Marc Fiore, who's producing the film and also makes the claim "it's going to be the new Godfather." So...

Meanwhile, Nick Cassavetes is in final negotiations to direct the biopic, while James Franco is apparently near the top of the wishlist to play the Teflon Don's son, John Jr. But what isn't James Franco's name attached to? Production is expected to start this summer, so Johnny T better finish off his Charleston Chew and towel off. Time to get hair-fitted!

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