Jan 14 2011First Official Look at Captain America's Hero Outfit


As a companion to yesterday's reveal of dark, moody Spider-Man, here's an official look at the full ensemble of our new Captain America, Chris Evans, flanked by G.I. Joe characters, as he appears in the new Entertainment Weekly. While most of his recent superhero friends may be wearing latex, fake metal, and/or layers of post-production CGI, Captain America is going with this quilted fabric his mom assures him will be much warmer when he's playing outside. Let's hope she left room for him to grow into it, too.

Reader Comments

actually looks pretty cool.

and thats saying something for the ridiculous outfit captain america wears.

If they just made the GI Joe movie this over-the-top we may have actually had a real GI Joe movie.

first look? didn't you guys post this pic last year?

I love a photo that says - possibly awesome and possibly terrible - in equal measure.

Stop your word thievery from mine mouth, you scoundrel!

costume actually makes sense, and looks neat.

Looks good but what the fuck is with the Hydra cronies in the back. They look terrible.

Given that my expectations are really low after years of Hollywood disappointments, I think this looks awesome!

I like how the crotch is the only bit of fabric significantly different, so your eyes shoot right to it. BEHOLD THE POWER OF AMERICA'S JUNK!

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@ 3

No, the one last year was the stunt doubles outfit. It was loosefitting and padded and people raged because they thought it was the real costume.

he's in two´╗┐ superhero movies 1st Fantastic 4 2nd Captain America

BOO! Painted-on winglets instead of 3D stubby wingies.

I want this outfit, it does wonders for his package. I mean look at that thing, Captain America is hung like an Albanian.

chris evans cant be captain america because he is the human torch

Good, not great, interpretation of the Ultimates Capt. America http://gammasquad.uproxx.com/2010/06/captain-americas-movie-costume-is-pretty-ultimate/ultimate-captain-america

This is cool and all, but whos going to be the Torch? o_O

@10 UUHHH. Really didn't notice that, and now that you mentioned it..... still don't.
Closet dweller are you?


All of the sudden Thor's costume isn't looking that bad.

i think that comment number 10 is the only one actually looking at Cap America's dick

This looks retarded. I didnt know there autistic superhero.

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