Dec 9 2010'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Teaser: Astronauts Found Potential Toy Line on Moon!


The trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon has arrived, bringing with it Michael Bay's alternate, conspiracy theory-laden secret history of the 1969 moon landing: the astronauts found Hasbro's Transformers on the lunar surface (an area we'll call "Dark of the Moon" even though it's clearly lit, I guess)! More specifically, they found this guy with a hood ornament head and faint metallic goatee, crash-landed on the moon in his Transformer vehicle (sold separately).

Ut oh, his eye woke up! And it's made of millions of little blades, because this guy is so super awesome he's basically all-blade! And his ship will probably be a really huge Transformer, similarly made of blades but also with robot testicles, because Michael Bay's still got it.

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Yah know, This actually looked like it could have been a good movie up until the giant metal dude and the Transformer logo with Michael Bay's name on top.

wait no ...SLOOOOOOW MOTION...????

Will that be sentinel prime , playing as optimus "father"??? the color match the old comic books..

Still, doesn't give you the creeps when eeyore's voices Optimus Prime..??

He kind of looks like Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers Movie. Now that's a crossover.

most of this trailer looks like the trailer to a not shitty movie

Sentinal Prime as optimus father? Not in any of the histories that I am aware of. Mostly he is like a Bounty Hunter/Drill Sarg likly crashed druing a chase with megatron.

This looks like it could be a good movie if it wasn't a Michael Bay abortion. Shame.

Fuck You Michael Bay. In the ear with a rusty rake.



I don't like dark of the moon in the title. I wanna read dark side of the moon, cause it sounds better and obviously where this story starts off. Also, dark of the moon sounds like hey have some of the moon's dark. man the moon makes some mean ass dark. the moon just took a dark. get what i'm sayin?

im waiting for shockwave to come through and kill all the transformers so they can reboot the franchise.

although i was always skeptical about successfully portraying a franchise in film where characters can go from the size of a boombox to the size of a house. it just works much better animated, and you dont have to change their original design which made them cool in the first place.

Uh, Apollo 11 didn't land on the dark side of the moon and I'm pretty sure some one would have noticed the giant crashed spaceship through a telescope before then. Just sayin'.

I thought the moon landing was a hoax?

holy shit, that looks like it could be a shitty bayformer rendition of Primus

several things:
-michael bay got dangerously close to those low horns from the Inception soundtrack at 1:41
-man, those robot sound effects are so bad! they took me right out of the experience, lost the mild interest i had.
-(sold separately), lol

FDSY, time?

also, there's no mention of this giant metallic structure in this ad for the apollo 11 footage I always get here in IWS:


"Dark side" of the Moon usually refers to the side of the Moon not visible from Earth. Of course, Earth is clearly visible right above that spaceship at 1:47, so Bay is full of shit by any definition.



1:18 BRIEFLY you can spot it. Or it might be in my head.

@18, I totally agree.


Holy shit you guys are Ftards. Do you really think that in a Transformers movie it matter if you can see the moon from where a spaceship is and if you could see the spaceship with a telescope? IT'S A MOVIE ABOUT SENTIENT ROBOTS FROM OUTERSPACE. You honestly don't think that there has already been enough willing suspension of disbelief that certainly this could easily be overlooked. Man you guys are douche bags.

Micheal Bay makes movies that are thin on plot and big on effects. Is that ANY different than the transformer cartoons? Good Hell you guys are acting like he's dumbing down a Shakespeare classic. This movie will be great for what it's supposed to be, fun - fast and fact free.

Looking forward to this.

Hey you dummies Dark of the moon is referring to "Dark" as a character who is from the moon hahah get it?? DUH!!! wwooww people are dumb

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@v14. Tiny...

Holy crap, :-) i was waiting for someone coem with the 'hoax" thing sooner or later ..

I love sarcasm, and i am happy that the "hoax" wave already finished and people came to their senses.. But i am sure still there are some idiots that really beleive is a hoax and eat whatever conspiracy theory is out there..

"Video removed for copyright infringment".

God saved my soul, after all.

Transformers: The dark of the ass

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How can hollywood make such garbage movies ???
They have so much money... So the only explanation is they are the stupidest idiots ever.

that my friends at the end is Vector Prime one of the original Primes from the past that guards time and universe.

Uh, video isnt there anymore...

Could it be Unicron?
Same orange/yellow colour and facial hair as the original movie.

Trust Bay to stuff him up where possible

Alpha Trion is my guess.

I always wanted Unicron to make an appearance because aside from Grimlock and OP, hes the most asskickingest bot evar, but hes supposed to be a planet killing beast, not a sleepy moon bot.

Dark of the Moon is what NASA called it when loss of transmission was present. Man hasn't been to the dark side of the moon.
They don't even know what it looks like. What Bay shoulda done was put the ship right at that edge of darkness, so it could be dark side of the moon and like someone said earlier, I wouldnt read dark side of the moon.

I wonder when the Paramount and companions realise how deep grave they have made for themselves.

Tubacca, couldn't have said it better. Ultimate badass devoured of worlds.
However this is Bay, the man who brought us Jetfire farts.

@37. Stuey


It is the only way you could ever be described. Your mother obviously dropped kicked you over the fence in your early years. Your stupidity actually endangers humanity as a whole. If your moronic thoughts were ever able to make it around the globe at the same time every living being would flame up in spontaneous combustion.

"They don't even know what it looks like." You Forest Gump knob-gobbler. They have photos of it. You see....the farside of the moon (what it's really called and is not really dark) has many photos off it on file. You can look them up any time you would like. IT'S CALLED GOOGLE you ass-drip.

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