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Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit


One of the true Modern Wonders of cinema is when Nicola Cage, sick of all the BS (and/or live bees, in the case of The Wicker Man), completely loses his shit and lets the acting pour out. It's a glory to behold, and now you can enjoy that sensation for a full four minutes, because there's a video of just that. Pajiba's video editor Henry Hanrahan has once again delivered the goods, carefully trimming the crust off the Nic Cage acting sandwich and leaving us with only that delicious freak-out meat.

Before you watch, imagine Nicolas Cage freaking the fuck out in your workplace; if that scene would be frowned upon by your co-workers, you're probably going to want some headphones for this.

(Thanks for the tipping, GetTheSharkRepellent.)

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